Organizational Structure


Taekwondo United has an elected chair person who is a volunteer, and serves a two year term.  This person is elected at a National event by the other school owners eligible to vote.  The chair person is in charge of organizing meetings as well as putting together an itinerary for said meetings.  All other business is performed by volunteers.


Organizing both Regional and National tournaments and  testings:

  1. Negotiating hotel rates and Tournament sites

  2. Ordering trophies and medals

  3. Ordering wood for National testing

  4. Soliciting sponsors for events

Also negotiating pricing for:

  1. Co-branded safety gear and all other Martial arts supplies

  2. TU patches

  3. Web site maintenance

  4. New schools joining

A TU Rank certificates if needed are shared free of charge and are printed locally by the school owner.

Member Schools:

Taekwondo United has over 60 member schools from coast to coast.
We want to grow with schools that:

  1. Are like minded

  2. Want structure

  3. Want to provide their students with the opportunity to be in a National organization

*All this without a financial burden imposed by an organization, or an individual or group of individuals telling them what to do.


Taekwondo United understands that each individual school owner may only be able to participate in certain individual TU events based on geography and/or financial commitment. 

Therefore we have 2 membership tiers to choose from.  Full member & Affiliate

To be a member of Taekwondo United the school owner must be represented by another school owner in order to join.  All new school come in as Affiliate members. 

All new school owners must attend 2 National events and be an affiliate for a one year period before they are voted in as a full member if they so choose.

All Full member and Associate schools are expected to show the following:

  1. Participation

  2. Involvement

  3. Commitment


  1. Co-op privileges.

  2. Participation in TU sanctioned events.

  3. Vendor discounts


  1. Full members and Affiliates must Attend and Participate  in  the minimum required number of events.

  2. Support TU curriculum, policies, and procedures at National events

  3. Wear the proper TU uniforms to all national TU events.

  4. Be willing to hold official positions within TU as Chairperson or secretary

  5. Be willing to participate in committees as assigned or volunteered for

Event preparation:

  1. Participation in events

  2. Be available for set up and breakdown of all events attended

  3. Help with event as needed, i.e. Judge during tournaments, teach classes or seminars at other events

Schools may choose to remain Affiliates or may choose to be a full member.

  For more information about memberships in TU contact us.



Do you own a Taekwondo / Martial Arts school?  Taekwondo United might be the home that you are looking for!

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